Advantages and disadvantages of television

Television is undoubtedly one of the foremost technical and cultural achievements of the 20 century,as its influence on our society has been significant and far-reaching for at least fifty or sixty years now.
To start with,it is a type of cultural influence that nobodybcan deny,although some people challenge.
Television conveys information,cultural materials and entertainment,which are brought together in a way that has transformed human existence radically.
I was brought up with the television as one of the main sources of entertainment, or free time activity,and so some TV movies,cartoons documentaries,concerts.
It is true that not all the films we can watch on TV are good.
Some of them are,in fact,sheer trash.
In recent years,the multitude of the cable programmes in this country,and the fact that you can push a button on your remote control unit have made it possible for us to select what we think is better to watch.
Frankly,I resent the quality of some of the very popular TV shows and entertainment programmes that most Romanian television channels broadcast.
The fact that most American,British,Australian or Canadian movies retain the original soundtrack can encourage ypung people to learn better and better English.
In fact,I do not like cartoons which are people instead of having titles,mainly because the Romanian translation is sometimes rather poor,but also because the English version is much more fun,more natural.
Although television is beneficial for most people, there are voices that say it can do us a lot of harm.
Watching television indeed makes us want to stay indoors,on the couch and have a ratively good time.

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