The Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was when the English Parliament replaced James II with William III and Mary, as King and queen.

James II became king when his brother Charles II died in 1685.

James II upset people by giving Catholics key jobs in the army, the Church and the universities.

He jailed any bishops who refused to support his Declaration of Indulgence in favor of Catholics.

In 1688, James II and his Catholic wife Mary had a son. It seems England was set to become Catholic.

Leading Protestants decided to invite the Dutch prince William of Orange to help. William was married to James II’s Protestant daughter Mary.

William landed with his army at Brixham in Devon on November 1688. James’s army refused to obey its Catholic generals and so he was forced to flee to France.

Parliament decided James’s escape meant he had abdicated, and offered the throne to William and Mary.

James tried a comeback, landing in Ireland with French troops. Defeat came at the Battle of the Boyne (July 1689).

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